Community Giving



Community Giving


We are proud to become members of the MAD Community and look forward to working closely together to positively impact social change.

Beyond MAD the social responsibility programme at Extend Oz also supports INSWABI.

INSWABI is an international non-profit organisation formed in Australia to advance the Social Work contribution to the field of Acquired Brain Injury [ABI].



Make A Difference Community 

We believe that eradicating hunger in Australia is not really a money problem.

The challenge is to make it easy for all Australians to contribute from the money they already spend on products and services.

We welcome any business owner that wants to help eradicate hunger in Australia by donating a portion of their sales to buy food in bulk.

Having many people “do a little” will soon create an enormous impact.


The vast majority of Australians:

  1. Would give food from their own plate for a disadvantaged person who was hungry.

  2. Are not ok with people being hungry in our wealthy country.

  3. Will change their buying habits if they know it will help fund food and they are not worse off.

Every time you buy a product or support a member of the Make A Difference Community you will know exactly how much food you have funded.

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