Tree Planters and Forestry Supervisors - 2nd year visa work - NSW/VIC/SA

  • Extend Oz
  • Coffs Harbour NSW, Australia
  • Feb 26, 2019
Casual Farm Hand Tree Harvesting

Job Description (daily duties, special requirements and any relevant experience necessary)

Extend Oz are looking to engage experienced tree planters and Planting Supervisors for our upcoming large scale planting projects in NSW, VIC and SA.. 

Due to the nature of the work, we need people who are extremely fit, hardworking and able to keep up with the demands of bush regeneration and large scale planting works. Tasks will include: planting plants, drilling holes with one man augers, digging holes, installing tree guards, installing jute mat and other labouring duties.

Work is paid via hourly rate and paid via piece rate, enabling hard workers and experienced planters to make very good money!. 

Supervisor must be able to complete the following;
Can geographically map out areas 
Can calculate stocking rates.
Can plot areas and strict quality controls
Can organise running of plants
Identify species
Full licence and can drive with a plant trailer (box Trailer) , 4x4 basic experience
Operate generator and pump
Supervise a team of 5+ planters

White Cards are required. 

Experienced applicants preferred.

These projects are upcoming, starting in March 2019, so please apply here and express your interest.

Please also send your CV to [email protected]

Eligible role for a 417 VISA extension?


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Tree Planters and Forestry Supervisors

Start Date (please allow for onboarding and travel time)

Mar 15, 2019

End Date

Jun 15, 2019

Employee is expected to commit for the duration of the role.


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